Eve's Haven LLC - Rediscover Your Story
Greetings! I'm Kate Meyer, the founder and counselor of Eve's Haven, LLC. I am glad you are considering Eve's Haven LLC for your counseling needs

I refer to Eve's Haven LLC as the place "where women come to rewrite their stories". Here's what I mean by that: I view life as a story that is not yet complete. We have choices to make throughout the chapters of our lives. Each choice we've made in the past has combined to get us where we are right now. When we are not happy with the current genre of our story or the direction the story begins to take, we have a choice to make: we can either close the book and pretend we're okay, or we can take charge and realize there is more writing to be done. Nothing in the past prevents a healthy and content new chapter from being written.
If I had to pin myself down to one theoretical approach to counseling, I'd say I land primarily in the Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT) camp. However, I know not all people respond to those techniques. For that reason, I make it a priority to study a variety of theoretical approaches. I try to always add to my toolbox so I am ready to help each woman in the most beneficial manner. I believe that my role as your counselor is to be an active listener, ready to contribute suggestions and guidance as needed. I am not here to solve or fix anything for you--rather I am here to EMPOWER you to do so. I believe we all have within us the capacity to change and become better versions of who we are currently; sometimes we just need a little help seeing the way there. That is why Eve's Haven LLC is here!
I’m sure you noticed the “Rev.” before my name throughout this website, so let me take a moment to explain. I am an ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Reformed Church in America. I believe that through the work of Christ all people, regardless of race, class, sexual identity, or gender expression, are equally valued and created. Therefore, I intentionally open my door to anyone who feels a need for therapy as described above. You do NOT need to identify as a Christian to receive therapy from me. Religion and spirituality are incorporated into sessions at the sole discretion of each client. If you’d like to talk more about that, please do not hesitate to contact me.

So come to Eve's Haven and allow me to help you take hold of the pen and rewrite the next chapter of your story. I look forward to meeting you!

B.A., Hope College
M.Div., Western Theological Seminary
M.A. Counseling, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

License, Certifications & Awards: 
Board of Counseling (State of Michigan) Professional Counselor  (LPC) 6401012025
Ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament, Reformed Church in America

Location: The office is located in Rose Park Reformed Church. When you arrive at the church, come to the back of the parking lot and up the external staircase; the office is at the top of the staircase. If you need an elevator, call me ahead of your appointment and I'll take you to the elevator. The church address is:
14241 Rose Park Drive
Holland MI 49424