Eve's Haven LLC - Rediscover Your Story
Welcome to Eve's Haven, LLC...where women come to rewrite their stories!
Eve's Haven, LLC is a place for you to come to gain insight, to obtain a healthier view of self, or to strengthen a certain part of your life. At Eve's Haven, LLC you will find a safe and inviting space to explore life's challenges with a licensed counselor who takes a client-driven approach to counseling. What does this mean? It means that I, as your counselor, counselor am here to journey alongside of you, to offer guidance when needed, and to always be a listening ear. Working together, I firmly believe that your time at Eve's Haven, LLC will be a place of growth and strength; a time that will prepare you to face whatever life challenges are before you in a healthy and honest manner. Eve’s Haven, LLC is intentionally open to women of all races, classes, sexual identities, and gender expressions.

Please take a few moments to explore the website. Then, when you are ready, call or e-mail me so we can begin the freeing journey of rewriting your story!